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"But impulse purchase? Really? Either buy it on your debit card or use a credit card and sort it out later. Or do you really log on, transfer cash and then use your debit card? I struggle to find that easier to be honest, regardless of the app.

A few banks offer 2FA anyway with a text code buzzed to your mobile should you want it."

I actually don't take my personal credit card out with me regularly. That's one reason. But also I manage money better spending "real" cash. I also don't, for security reasons, because my cards are PayWave enabled, routinely keep more cash in my current account than I really need.

I mean, we can generally agree that using something so fundamentally insecure as the internet for financial transactions is insane in the first place, so once you get over that hurdle and accept that you do use it, and it is insane, the better way is to do it with the app. Provided it's a good app, and provided you actually have a use case - like managing your money on the move. Of course, I'm lucky in that respect and I also know a couple of the iOS developers by chance, so I'm confident that it does a better job in general front and back end than the web.

Although the more you get into the arguments the more having that sandboxed app for your bank transactions makes sense over using a computer, without going to extremes like VMs or containers just for that.

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