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Middle of the night, our operations centre call me out. They warn me they have a very angry director on the phone. I get put through, he's clearly in a very busy environment, very noisy.He is SHOUTING down the phone at me and is apoplectic.,

He's calling from a borrowed phone and is in Singapore airport. His Blackberry is 'not working;' and I'd better fix it by the time he calls me back in ten minutes other wise I'm going to get sacked. SLAM!

So it takes me ten minutes to login, I get onto the BES server, his phone hasn't been seen for a few days, it's not contactable now. There's nothing I can do remotely. I wait for the sacking phone call. Operations centre call me back, put him through, I try to ask him what is wrong with the phone but he's not interested in that nonsense, he demands to have my name and hangs up.

Few days later me and my boss get summoned to his office, he is still livid and tells us he missed out on a huge deal because he couldn't process the emails in time (he has a laptop and remote access so could have), it's all my fault and what is my boss going to do about it? My boss asks if he can see the phone. It won't turn on.

"Have you charged it?", he asks. Quite a long silence....

"How often would I need to do that?"

No apology though.

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