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Smart meter benefits even crappier than originally thought

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that would probably be "someones" (a pair or the buggers) of the ilk who came to my door last weekend trying to fob me off with smart meters, when told politely that I didn't want them and was under no legal obligation to have them installed, I was hit by a load of 'agressive' scripted BS, then I was eventually told by these "someones" that the law will be changed to make the things mandatory anyway...and they'd see me then.

I got the distinct impression that this pair would use 'bully boy' and/or bullshit tactics on vulnerable people to get them to sign up, your story confirms this, and as you're probably in another part of the country it seems a suspiciously common tactic. In my case, there is no point complaining to my local MP or MSP about this as they're both useless tosspots, as for reporting this to anyone else, it's my word against theirs..(I really should set up a camera with both video and audio recording facilities at the front door porch)

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