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Smart meter benefits even crappier than originally thought

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Anonymous Coward

Some people get sick after smart meters are installed in their homes or even on the walls outside them. The industrial associations and the government agencies deny the truth of that but there is evidence that the electromagnetic impulses do negatively affect some people.

Maybe I'm a worrywart, or maybe just a wonderwart. In either case or both I wonder if the strength and nature of the pulse can be changed from a water meter or electric meter agency or from someplace else. I've read about EMI weapons that can alter people's emotions and thinking and do physical harm. I've also read about how The Powers That Think They Be would like to rid the world of 90% of its humans. And I've read that this is the United Nations' Year of the Pulse. They explain that they want to celebrate peas and beans but that desire seems far removed from what they celebrated in 2015: Divine Electricity. You know who that is. So does anyone else worry and wonder?

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