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I don't know if I could have deliberately devised a strategy to sell a phone platform in such comprehensively self-destructive manner.

I support iPhones for work, so I have to use something else day-to-day just to prevent a logic tumour from developing inside my brain but I've used WP for a while. The sad thing is, I more or less actually like it (even WP10).

I am continually amazed by MS's sheer infacility at, even after buying out a real manufacturer (the only one at that point) and doing what I can only describe as calculatedly worse than nothing for 2, going 3 years. In this marketplace.

I barely care about apps - doing things that require something that specific is what I have real computers for, and the very last kind of thing I want on a tiny screen. I have an iphone, and miss very close to nothing in between switching, but even if so many apps on either monopoly shop are meaningless, I can't deny utility is missing on WP side as a result.

A banking app is kind of one I do want, which so far my own bank still provides at least this week (when it can keep its own systems online, that is).

An account management app is also kinda useful, which vodafone for windows phone /doesn't/.

I'm prepared to accept the carrier's judgement on WP's importance to the market.

MS, end the charade. waste billions on just giving it to me instead. it'll be tax free, just like eviscerating nokia.

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