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Smart meter benefits even crappier than originally thought

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What exactly can I do to reduce my gas and electric bills that I don't already do?

Can't turn the fridge off.

Not willing to sit in the dark.

When it's cold enough and I mean really cold (I'm the type of person who will sit wrapped in a blanket with a jumper on much to the annoyance of the cat) I will turn the heating on.

I could sit and stare at a fancy screen or app showing me my usage all day long but there is literally nothing I can do about it.

Who are these people that can save 11p a day? I don't know anyone that leaves the heating on when they go out or the lights on unless it's for security. If you do leave the heating on and go out, you're out so there is really nothing you can do about it (if anyone mentions IoT then you don't understand security and might as well leave your front door open while you're at it)

These smart meters are not for saving money for consumers but for saving costs for the companies and why we taxpayers have to pay for that is one big joke. When the electricity starts getting rationed because none of the utility companies have invested in capacity upgrades then we'll all see why they were installed in the first place.

Also if someone could explain to me how privatisation works that would be grand as I see the industry privatised, tax payer subsidised and tax payer pays for expansion. (e.g. HS2, Nuclear Power plants) while a company takes a nice big profit with no benefit for the tax payer or consumer.

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