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Not sure I entirely count for your requested group as I'm an old(ish) git and I only use one banking app, occasionally, to make intermittent payments to a pre-arranged recipient for occasional classes. It 'improves' on the website by allowing me to make the payment using only memorable data and not having to use the little card calculator doodad. Being able to pay once you are sure the class is happening is helpful. It doesn't let me set up new recipients etc. though.

All other bank accounts stuff (for this and several other banks) happens through web pages from a proper machine.

I've never seen the point of apps that are just wrappers to website pages - I have an app for that - it's called a browser.

I love that it used to be considered a sign of potential criminal behaviour to operate multiple bank accounts but they've been pushing for the last howevermany years to get people to chop and change banks for the new customer bonuses and then make it a pain in the proverbial to actually close the old accounts.

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