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Bought my kid a 650, bargain phone.

Loaded the backup of his previous WP8.1 1020 and was up and running in no time. Took a while to download all the apps funnily enough.

I use the RBS app because it uses a PIN to access the accounts quickly once set up. I don't do much with it but it is handy for checking the balance to see if I have been paid.

I do think it is a shame WP10 doesn't get the love, as ISPs and Mobile operators clearly show, two choices are definitely not enough.

Even if MS simply produce one or two devices, I will stick with it I think, since, like a previous poster, I don't care about apps-du-jour and being incessantly harangued by ads.

I prefer clean, downloaded maps and clean(er) search results, with noticeably less fake news.

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