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Phil Koenig

Trendy targets

It's trendy to bash antivirus (especially when you have your own axe to grind), but it reminds me of all the dimwits who breezily proclaimed on January 1, 2000 that the Y2K computer problem was obviously a big hoax because the world didn't come to an end that day. (Conveniently forgetting that the world had spent decades and billions of dollars/pounds updating everything precisely so that would NOT happen.)

Oftentimes when a security measure is this ubiquitous people in ivory towers who have enough advanced knowledge and skills that they don't personally need to rely upon such measures make dumb sweeping proclamations about everyone else.

I haven't used A/V on most of my personal boxes for decades (except Android where eg the available web browsers are too unsophisticated to be capable of being configured securely and Google has a lousy track-record of letting malware/spyware into its appstore), but I would never dream of advising one of my clients to do the same.

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