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Firstly - please be aware that I am not trying to provoke an argument for arguments sake (you should see my posts on Apple articles for that :) )- this is something that has bothered me for a long time and actually - this is the first time I have ever been in realtively direct contact with someone who deals with this for a living.

My point is that the joined up approach was more to do with how the 'consumer' of that lighting source is really brought into play, simply over the use of broadband over narrowband lighting. But I also am aware the the criteria for a lot of these standards is set from a specific measure - which you have confirmed. Arguably, they could have used a narrowband lighting source, in a similar area of the spectrum, and gotten the same results regarding spill etc, but with the better ability for this area of the spectrum to both travel and not affect night vision.

I have to say, that if my daughter was walking home at 02:00 in the morning, I would be effing furious with said daughter for walking home at said time on her own. But there is an interesting point to be made here: Does lighting actually stop an opportunist if he saw her at that time by herself, street lighting or not? That is a hard thing to prove. Same to be said for fatal accidents - if there is an accident at that time - there are arguably other factors at play - which will affect statistics, if it is indeed those that are being used to make these cases.

But I can appreciate where you are coming from, I just don't agree with the standards that continue to use broadband lighting and my own experience means that I hates it. Is my opinion any less valid because I am a 'consumer' and not a manufacturer? Not to me. But obviously, that isn't what makes the lighting companies money when the client is a governmental body.

"There are relevant standards published by the Institute of Lighting Engineers (available on the web via quick search) for ensuring that stray light doesn't cause a nuisance ("Light trespass"), and there are measures that can be taken, but you'd have to ask the local authority since they are the people who commission the services (or provide them themselves). Since the recommendations for light trespass are in lux, you may need to buy a £10 light meter to be sure of your case."

THis is really useful to know, and I appreciate that information. I will be using that!

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