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@AC " i don't understand why people are so pissed off about the law being enforced ?"

I suspect some people think they should just be allowed to drive at whatever speed they want "because they're good drivers" - or 'dickheads' as they're also known.

But others object to the black-and-white nature of speed limits. Yes, a 20 limit past a village school on a narrow road at 8.45 on a Tuesday morning in January seems sensible, and few would dispute it. But if that same 20 limit is applied 24/7 it's silly - the kids are the reason for the limit, and there's no need for that same limit at 10pm on a Sunday in August.

Similarly fixed limits do not take any account of road conditions. They simply say there are no possible circumstances when doing more than 30/40/50/60/70 is safe. 30 through a built-up area when there are a lot of pedestrians around and it's dusk and raining is actually probably a very bad idea, and a 'good' driver will have slowed down to well below 30. But if they're doing 40 through the same area on a clear dry Sunday evening when visibility is good and there are no pedestrians etc then they're likely to meet a bored speed camera van looking to up their statistics.

Trying to do a legal 70 (OK, it's probably 'dangerous driving') on the M6 past Bristol at 5pm on a Friday is probably a short cut to the graveyard, for you and several other people. Doing 90 on the M6 past Shap on a quiet dry summer evening with cars about a mile apart is probably not appreciably increasing the risk of an accident.

Really, by now we should be able to have a network of speed limit signs that can dynamically alter (up and down) to reflect weather, traffic volume, road conditions, time of day etc. Sadly even if the technology could be developed the legislative system couldn't handle it, as it likes simple rules, even if they're unreasonable. And of course only enforcing speed limits based on actual danger would reduce the plods income quite a lot.

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