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Shhh! Shazam is always listening – even when it's been switched 'off'

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I know privacy is serious business but I don't think the devs have done anything wrong here.

To say "the recording continues" is not true, as the sound is not been recorded (it never is) nor is it being processed. Yes sound waves are entering the microphone, yes those sound waves are compressing/bending something and yes there's a change in resistance in the mic. But is the computer 'listening'?

If I put a current across the mic to produce voltage changes is it now listening? What if an IC is converting those analog voltage changes into a digital representation somewhere? Now is it listening?

This seems a bit like a philosophical question, but as long as the sound is not being actively saved or transmitted somewhere it's a bit like the proverbial falling tree in the forest.

If you want to be cross with the devs then attack them for wasted CPU cycles but please, not privacy....

and yes (i would imagine) there's a current across it so some changes in voltage occur

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