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Samsung sets fire to $9m by throwing it at Tizen devs


My time is worth money

Just another classic egg-chicken problem.

Dear Samsung,

I have to make a living. Betting my time against the success or failure of your product, had better be worth it. The cards are stacked against your solution, betting my livelyhood for $10,000 is not a good bet. Sorry, this is not much better than playing the lottery and hoping to win.

If you really believe in your product, put together a team at Samsung, fund them as full-time developers and show Samsung's committment to the product and not by using some marketing ploy that allows you to walk away with minimal damage - except for the people that invested THEIR time in YOUR product.

How about throwing in some Samsung shares for successful apps? Heaven forbid you actually give something of value in exchange for work done.

Some (most?) Devs can be financially ignorant, but we're learning..

Secondly, choose a solution that is not a complete technical disaster which doesn't seem to be the case in this situation.

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