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That's Samsung's fault. Samsung's Bada OS used Enlightenment because... er, I guess Samsung didn't want third-party competition to the built-in apps, or something. Okay, I'm being facetious, but whatever runtime performance improvement it has, it is not worth the developer brutalisation it requires just to get simple shit done. I've had the misfortune to use most Linux GUI toolkits at one point or other, but even in that Rogues' Gallery, Enlightenment stands out for making you keep track of trivial things that have nothing to do with the task you need to achieve.

So, how did it end up in Tizen? Back when Tizen was still MeeGo, Qt was the preferred toolkit (MeeGo partner Nokia had bought Qt specifically to give itself a good cross-platform toolkit for mobile apps). Before that, when Tizen was called Moblin, Clutter was preferred, with secondary status for Qt and GTK+.

Of these, Qt is the most mature, the most accessible (QML/QtQuick really does let designers with only CSS and basic JS to produce fluid, functional UIs), and has the best tooling by an enormous margin.

So, obviously, when Samsung took on the Mobile Linux project, they deprecated Qt and made Enlightenment the toolkit of choice without really giving a good explanation except maybe "We Had to Suffer, So So Should You".

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