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Decentralized OS?

So no one builds Tizen apps because there are no Tizen phones out there.

I know that Fire OS is an Android fork where Amazon has rewritten some of google play services APIs so that some/most of the Android apps still work with Fire OS. But this is still a little inferior to Android as not all the apps will work with it.

I don't know why Samsung doesn't encourage use by splitting the 30% of any app store fee 15% between the phone manufacturer and 15% to the app developer. Google just pockets this.

But Tizen will forever be riding on the coattails of Android and just reverse engineering Android's new features. Who is going to pay for the development of new or better features?

Also there is the problem that if Tizen ever takes off (after significant investment and advertising by Samsung) then Samsung 'turns evil', and does a Google, and starts restricting access or trying to keep other Tizen handset makers out, or disadvantage slightly in, the premium (and profitable) end of the handset market.

Is it possible to set up an independent arms length Tizen/Linux foundation, and have every handset user pay (via bitcoin) to install the OS, where they then get to vote on what new features are developed by the community? Or alternatively have a slice of app store fees go towards voted development of features?

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