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Samsung sets fire to $9m by throwing it at Tizen devs


Where are the news???


Pregnant Western Sydney mother has suffered second degree burns from her iPhone 7-


New Case of iPhone 6 Plus burned Reported in USA

New Case of iPhone 7 Plus Explosion Reported in China

iPhone 5s reportedly catches fire while on charge

Fresno woman says her iPhone exploded and caught on fire in her bedroom

New Jersey college student's iPhone explodes in class burning a hole in his jeans pocket -

Watch out for the iPhone’s 911 bug

They avoid Apple bad news all the time. This site and its writers are apple-biased. There are plenty of reports about iPhone 5, 6 and 7 explosions as well (2014-2016 - +100 cases..). Not to mention the iPhone that killed people too. But they are no news about that.

Apple media are very good at masking Apple problems. Please Don't trust the corporate media. You can't trust these media (yellow journalists). They're dishonest and ruthless business media. This is hands down the worst fraud media I have ever seen. They avoid Apple bad news all the time (iPhones explosions). How honest are you? How is lying different from 'hiding the truth'? How much is Apple paying you $. Have you no shame? Not at all. Shameful. What a shame! Fraud media. Apple: Please, somebody, stop explosions news...Theregister Pls help me...

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