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Having been an electrician and completed to my design a large street lighting system in 1967 controlled by electronics and also taught for one of the manufacturers as a teacher, think I can comment on the lighting. All these lamps were to get a high efficiency with available technology, which they did and well. SON, that is HP sodium improved its colour rendition over the years but was not exactly economic but was good for roads as the clarity was good, lamp life excellent and could replace the MBFU ghostly white from the late 30's almost like for like with a huge increase in usable light. The lamp though has a comparatively huge start up current, does not like low voltage and is expensive. The SOX, low pressure sodium, is extremely cheap to run, and has normally a long life but expensive to make and colour rendition is poor BUT does not cause night vision to deteriorate therefore very good for security lighting. There is no reason that LED cannot be construed to equate to a warmer light, they do not have to be cold white or blue etc. there are many available in shades of warmer white and there is no reason why as existing lamps fail or for that matter existing stocks used up, that an equivalent value and colour rendition and light output LED should not be available or used. I have for example several 6' fluorescent tubes that are not available here in France, so I shall use those up and then change to LED. I can get coolwhite, colour matching, white or warm white. Incidentally do not use "white" in home or office enviroment, use coolwhite or warm white.

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