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I've read a number of articles talking about Why Hillary Lost or Why Trump Won and the majority of them are so wrong it's surreal. This one was close enough.

I voted Trump for a couple reasons.

- His actual policies are far better than hers. The combined policies of Bush Sr through Obama have done nothing but keep the USA embroiled in fights we should never have been in, supported or propped up evil people around the planet, severely strained the relationships we have with our allies and generally destroyed the globes view of us. That had to stop and RHC was more of the same.

- He's not establishment. I was disgusted by Bush Jr's actions while President, ambivalent about W.Clinton, and livid over Obama's. However I was also disgusted and livid with congress during this time because they absolutely failed to lead. Making things worse - every candidate which had been forward to run against those people were, imho, even worse choices for the country.

Essentially, I'm as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

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