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moor kairfully, AnonCoward.

I didn't "blame" Trump for KKK lynchings.

What I'm talking about is the way the Trump campaign harnessed American reactionary sentiment.

"Reactionary" is used to describe those who favor a return society to a prior condition -- a status quo ante -- which, in fact, never existed, or never had the characteristics they imagine for it. (See deffy of reactionary.)

Trump himself waffles, of course, having variously singled out the 1930s or the "late 1940s to 1950s" as "times when America was great". But generally American reactionaries tend to hold up the 1950s as a time to return to. My point is, they aren't.

Professional mouths like Limbaugh and Hannity and Michael Savage and Beck have been coughing up their particular brands of anger, hatred, and irrationality for decades. Trump connected with the trash-fires these guys have been stoking among the right wing. He connected with the reactionaries. Not with conservatism.

And the fact that almost exactly half of voters went for a tax-dodger, a cheater who doesn't pay his bills, a braggart who played through 6 bankruptcies and boasted about assaulting women, a wanna-be who changes his "policy positions" faster than a baby with diarrhea goes through diapers -- the fact that so much of America went for that guy does indeed make this older fellow feel like an expat in the country where he was born.

No matter. I done been through the 1960s and 1970s, the shame of America supporting Pinochet and Rios Montt, not to mention disco and the failure of the war on drugs. The stupidity of invading Iraq. I done been around the block. Several times.

And what I see coming now is more of the same sh*t.

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