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Who are the "soft left", the "liberal elite"?

Trying to portray this as a reaction against a liberal elite or some such is just playing in to the hands of the propagandists. I was talking to an unabashed Trump supporter less than an hour ago and he's beginning to get the first twinges of buyer's remorse; like the Brexiters he's "mad has hell and won't take it any more" but like the Brexiters he's discovered that one problem with protest votes is that you may actually end up winning which will merely be the start of the headache.

What I've told Trump enthusiasts -- and I know a lot of them -- is that they need to look behind the man to the people backing him. What you see is a comet tail over very unsavory sorts, many bearing an uncanny resemblance to vintage fascists in both outlook and utterances. Presidents aren't dictators, they have to work with a team, and by enabling a very right wing Legislature, Administration and (soon) Judiciary you are not going to be promoting a very working person friendly government. This is something, though, that people are going have to find out the hard way.

I supported Hilary not because I was an elitist, a neocon (much the opposite) or a warmonger. I just recognized that it was a democratic compromise -- to get what I wanted I had to horse trade (think "House of Cards"). I would have got a neo-con globalist with warmongering tendencies but she would have been saddled with restraints on her actions. Trump has no such prepare for a bumpy ride.

But as I tell people, I live in California, we passed Proposition 64 so I'm going to be able to get all the weed I want -- and being a retiree (sort-of) I'm going to have the time to enjoy it. Four years will pass in a blink of an eye.

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