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And total bullshit back at ya. Trump's win is a triumph over the "know everything, learn nothing" brigade who somehow believe that the common herd are undeserving of democracy and need someone to think on their behalf.

The KKK may have been lynching Blacks, but they were Democrats so why link them to Trump ? Hillary Clinton after all is more closely associated with the KKK than Trump through her "mentor" Robert Byrd.

And you want to blame the media, that tiny slice of the media that supports Trump when 99% of the MSM don't just support Clinton (and Obama even more so), they drool over them, they have sexual fantasies over their "beautifully creased suit trouser leg"; did you see that picture of the media on the plane with Clinton, sheep like adoration in every face. The media, so totally in the tank for Hillary that even they noticed it on occasions.

It probably isn't your country though, you'd be more at home in Cuba or Venezuela by the sound of it, taking part in herding recalcitrant non-believers to the camps where you can deal to them properly.

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