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Trump's victory has NOTHING to do with social class at all

Trump won because the vocal minority finally found their voice after 8 years of tyranny under the Obama regime. The majority of U.S. citizens voted their conscience stating loud and clear that they have had enough of the political crimes of Obama and his criminal conspirators.

Any basic research of Hillary and Bill Clinton exposes outrageous violations of U.S. law and governmental positions including getting U.S. military personnel killed through Hillary's gross negligence. The FBI is currently wading through thousands of Hillary e-mails that were on an insecure persona server in violation of U.S. national security laws for which she should spend the rest of her worthless life in prison - but she won't. The masses voted against everything that Hillary and the Obama Cabal have done and stand for. Voters despise these criminal career politicians who willfully violate the U.S. Constitution for personal gain.

Hillary's "Foundation" is the biggest pay-to-play governmental BRIBE/Collusion fraud in U.S. history. Voters did not want another 8 years of rape and pillage by Hillary and the U.S. "political Machine". THAT is why Trump won by a landslide. The people have spoken and now it's up to Trump to deliver or get booted out in four years.

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