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Kotkin makes some very good points here. Trump won because people are sick of the elitists who run both political parties. Trump won the nomination very much over the opposition of the Republican leadership. As I've said, people are sick and tired of the usual suspects running things.

On a related subject, Trump's victory is amazing because he had to overcome a concerted effort on the part of almost all the mainstream media to defeat him. Most of our media was so pro-Clinton, it was ridiculous.

When I was a child (long ago), news broadcasters had a code that they would (and they seemed to try to) present just the facts and not slant or spin stories politically. There was probably a bit of bias here and there, but it wasn't a major thing. Nowadays, the mainstream media very clearly has their little agendas. They couldn't be more obviously slanted than if Dr. Gobbels was in charge of a Federal Department of Propaganda (albeit with a very different agenda from Gobbels himself, of course). Major news organs in this country nowadays are more about entertainment and political propaganda than information. There's hardly even a pretense of "balanced" or "unbiased" reporting.

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