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Why is it that some people downvote posts for simply stating facts?

It is a fact that the counting of the vote is not yet complete. At the time I write this, Michigan is still counting. They are at 96%. Donny has 47.6%, Hil has 47.3% Given that most of the votes to be counted come from places like Wayne County, the possibility exists that Hil could come from behind and take Michigan, not that it'll be enough to push her over the top.

It is a fact that many of the states won by either Don or Hil were won by very thin margins, which means that they were lost by very thin margins. At time of writing, Don has 2,279,210 votes in Michigan, Hil has 2,267,373. Of roughly 4.75 million votes, counting those wasted on Johnson and Stein, Don is leading by 12,000. That's a very tight margin. There are multiple other states where this kind of thing is true. If one third of the 50.7 k who voted for Stein had voted for Hil instead, she would be leading by a very thin margin.

It is a fact that given the very close margins, reading anything other than a 50/50 (or, given the number who didn't bother to vote, more like a 30/30/40) split is folly. (Yes, you read that correctly. More people didn't bother to vote than voted for either one. Allegedly the most contentious election in recent American history, and 40% don't bother to vote.)

It is a fact that, until the Electoral College says so, Trump still hasn't won. And even then, he hasn't won until Congress says he has. Now, the chances that the EC fails to say he won, or that Congress doesn't certify are very, very, very low, but they ain't zero. (Zero's in sight, though.)

And it is a fact that damn few US citizens understand the process.

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