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Blame it on the elitists?

Bullshit. It's the triumph of the American reactionary impulse. The "Make America Great Again" movement is about a return to the "golden 1950s" -- when the KKK was still lynching blacks, coal miners were poorer than they are now and died by the hundreds in unsafe mines, and the river where I live was so polluted no-one fished or swam in it.

The Trump win is a win for the know-nothings, facilitated by years of fear-mongering and phony anger from self-serving media personalities. The right in America is not conservative. It is reactionary, and as is almost always the case, the reactionary harks to a golden era that never was, while trumpeting ignorance and a willful disregard of reality.

*shrug* I came of age when the US was fighting a stupid and brutal war in Vietnam, the National Guard was using live ammo on protesters, and to many of us the government was the enemy.

Ain't my country no more, man. Maybe it never was, though.

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