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Times, they are a changin'

FD: Canadian. Born in Mass. Decided, when things were what they were in 75, that it was not a good thing to be a geeky, awkward teenager with a US passport visiting relatives in the US.

@J.RH -> yes, yes you do, in general.

Trump. How the Hell did they elect trump?.

There's lots going around about Bigotry, Hate, Misogyny, White Male, etc.

Kotkin's got the right idea. What is stunning is that no one has noted just *who* has been stuck to his side all the way through.

Trump is for "Change".

Hillary is for "More of the Same".

I seriously seriously doubt that the vast majority of Hillary voters voted because she going to continue the oligarchic evolution that has been happening in the US for the last 40 years.

I seriously seriously doubt that the vast majority of the Trump voters voted because he is going to run around grabbing pussies and shooting Muslims and kicking Mexican landscapers out of the country.

What happened here was that Hillary represented "more of the same" and Trump represented "change".

What change? - for some: kick those wimmins rights actinazis in the nuts

for some: kick those black lives matter twats off our streets.

for some: lock them furriner terrists up before they bomb my walmart

for some: drop that trade deal that will cost me my job.

But - -the HUGE majority on the street, just want the overall political entity that owns the US -> From the breakfast table to the 4 pillars to be changed.

Not all Trump voters are misogynistic, racist, religious nuts, even if *some* of them are. Most of them are just tax payers who've watched things from the late 80's devolve in the excited snakes and honestly believed that Trump could do something. ANYTHING to change the course the country was on.

Well. I'm quite sure things will change. They always do. Not sure if *any* of us are ready for the ride. But it will happen.

Just a suggestion in my view. If you have any debt anywhere, pay it off. now.

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