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Bromium in the house!

I can take the marketing bullet for the content on the website, but don't let that frustrate you.

Probably the coolest thing we have is the Ransomware video on our YouTube channel that shows how we contain the malware and if you are so inclined - let it run with no threat to the network. We are an enterprise security platform but our customers have launched more than one billion micro-VMs and no one has reported a breach. That's all over the world with defense-grade protection. It's worth kicking our tires and checking out what we do. Our customers report with Bromium, they relax because their end users are no longer their constant headache and they gain intelligence that helps them prove value to their execs.

I love that you guys already knew about us! And if you have technical questions - hit up @simoncrosby - one of our founders - on Twitter. He's an unabashed expert who pulls no punches.

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