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the 60 millinewtons per kilowatt that is produced by the best ion drives. It sounds tiny, because it is, however it's still twice as powerful as the thrust produced by solar sails.

This depends completely on the size of the solar sail and its distance to the light source and the type of light. Same as for those panels, really.

Additionally, the solar panels will ALSO work as solar sail. This will be interesting, which one will win, the drive or the panels?

Plus, once you have subtracted the momentum from the energy (well .... you know .... ) you are still left with a shitload of surplus energy that you have to dump into space. You will need large radiator fins. Now you have a photon-drive of infrared light, too!

Plus, I don't see why there is an assumption that there is a linear relationship between "momentum generated (into a preferred direction)" and "energy needed". Might as well be logarithmic for example. We are in unicorn land, all bets are off. The law of increasing entropy has gone overboard, next someone will use this to pull NP into P.

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