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Last time I tried the (normal) Google one it was pretty hopeless.

The one truly useful usage case is navigating whilst driving (whilst I can't legally operate my phone manually!), however, when I last checked, Google maps *still* doesn't allow you to give a picked location a name of your choice, so the ability to ask for it directions seems some way off yet.

"OK Google, navigate me to Dave's house" obviously doesn't work, as there isn't even a way of manually setting up the location in advance.

If this wasn't bad enough, it won't even recognise names of contacts which have address information stored against them. All my different work offices have individual names that you can't search for on google maps (only by full address / postcode), but even with those name descriptions saved in my contacts against the correct address the whole system was incapable of making a sensible connection.

AI. My ass.*

*AI is a marketing description only, it has no relation to the actual creation of an artificial intelligence - which is something that's probably impossible anyway. Are any of them sentient? No? Well go take your 'AI' and f*** off with it.

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