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The Mac Server was better for Apple than they thought. It put benchmarks out in the open and forced Apple to compete on open standards. It made Mac software easier to develop, and better apps makes Apple customers happy.

The Apple ecosystem has been imploding for several years, repeating the ruthless pursuit of profit seen in the late 1990s when Apple was running a closed system and building those awful Performas. Regardless of how fanatic Apple users are, developers aren't going to maintain support for a platform that's extremely expensive, under-powered, and a shrinking market share. That was when I stopped being a Mac software developer.

Now we have two new "MacBook Pro" models designed for surfing the web in a coffee shop. The desktop "Mac Pro" is an old sportbike when professionals need a new truck. Every new OS release adds some bizarre and highly exclusive feature that nobody finds useful.

Steve Jobs won't come back to save Apple again. Apple needs to get back to open standards to reduce development costs and learn what the term "Pro" means.

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