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Lame meme about Hillary coming for your guns

Exactly as true as Obama coming for your guns. What is going to be different with Hillary in office than Obama? Nothing, that's what. But the gun makers have realized that rather than trying to expand the market by selling to first time gun owners, they can make more money with scare tactics to try to get those who already own one or more guns to buy MORE guns based on the fear that it might become impossible to buy them soon.

It is amazing to me that people keep falling for this time and again - and every time there's a school shooting sales of guns go up. Not because first timers are wanting to defend themselves, but because a few liberals bring up the usual talking points about banning assault rifles and large magazines, and scare tactics convince weak minded gun owners that a total ban on guns is imminent so they buy more guns (generally ones that no one is even talking about banning) and stocking up on enough ammo to last the rest of their life.

There might be a majority of Americans willing to ban assault weapons, but that's EXTREMELY unlikely politically since the NRA has republicans in their pocket and there are enough democrats from red states would would vote on their side against such a bill because they know they'd never get re-elected otherwise. Even if democrats held 65 seats in the Senate there would be enough democrats would join republicans in a filibuster.

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