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@MrNed - I'm in exactly the same boat as you - and getting to end of my tether. Fliipped to macs from PCs in around 2004. From Vegas to FCP.

Now have a house full of em. And since Snow leopard OSX has just got crapper and crapper - each new version now every year, and full of nothing but web 2.0 crap and 'ios' nonsense.

they tie in 'pro' tools to the latest OS too - so stuff like latest FCPX 10.3 needs 10.11.4+ - why ? F%ck nose - 10.2 is happy on my stable yosemite system, but now in order to upgrade to a point release of FCPX I am expected to update my whole OS.. having done that on my non production macs, I know that will means having to update paragon NTFS, istats, little snitch, and also having to put up with all the new web2.0 crap they added in El Capitan.

And now we are getting OS updated pushed onto us like windows... this isn't security patches - it's the latest facebook integrated ios crap feature - I don't give a flying sh1t about it - go away!!!

At present I'm thinking my approach is going to be - stick at yosemite and the software I have until it becomes unviable in 3-4 years then abandon Apple and retrain in windows crap.

I just don't get it... all we did was every support them - stuff like FCP MADE apple. now they don't give a sh1t. well - f^ck em they are getting now more money from me for HW.

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