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@PipV; "How on earth can an SD card be classed as 'legacy'"

Either because they're trying to justify their leaving it out by downplaying its seriousness (as here) or because they're pushing their own, proprietary, locked-in standard and want to encourage people to move away from the current (more open) standards that do the job by associating them in peoples' minds with a word that implies they've been superseded and that the natural path is onto Apple's all-new bullshit.


Then again, what do you expect from a company that pettily- but also very cleverly- makes non-iPhone users look bad by showing their messages in lurid, unpleasant green speech bubbles, whereas those using iPhone-only messaging are in calm, gentle blue?

(I don't believe for a second that this was accidental on the part of a company so well-known for its aesthetic awareness and playing off its users' self image).

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