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Point taken on Win7 availability - I haven't actually looked for it, but understand that "officially" it is no longer available.

As to the rest... I was making the point that there is a lot of software out there that - on the surface - appears able to replace the Apple-only tools that I rely on, but that in reality are not viable for me for one reason or another. Had I not done that then I expect a different commentard would have popped up to tell me I was wrong about there being no viable alternatives (and would have gone on to list the software - much of it cross-platform - that I have mentioned). Yet you hear me slagging off Windows, even though the only thing I am "rabid" about here is my frustration with Apple, and the general rise in user-hostility from big IT mega-corps like Apple and Adobe (and, yes, Microsoft too, seeing as you bring it up).

Just saying...

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