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Apple drops dongle prices to make USB-C upgrade affordable

David Shaw


I was looking in Leeds city centre last week for an Apple adapter (Thunderbolt to HDMI) but didn't buy it at the AppleStore as it was nearly 30 quid. I know that the top-gear company would have sold me a knock-off for a fiver, but I needed it that day. I did buy it at (sorry) currys/pc world, where it was just £25. I asked why they were cheaper? Currys replied that since Apple raised all their prices last week, they hadn't and so were selling ten fruity laptops per day, at sometimes £400 discount! I hope they have enough in stock.

personally I buy X & T series core-i5-lenovos (~€200), upgrade them to teh max - whatever they need, new batts(€85), new IPS screens(£60), nice 60GB mSata-SSD (£28) instead of the 3G card, + whatever SATA SSD I have lying around. The 'X' seem just as light as the MBair, have USB2&3(sometimes 3), 8 hours typing on an excellent keyboard, some family members prefer the T-420's, some the T-430. . .

and I counted at least 5 similar models here on the ISS, but nothing apple?

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