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Yeah, but...

a) Can't get Win7 now (not easily / safely)

b) Can't run FCPX on Win 7; Premiere is Adobe so out of the question (and I don't like it at all); Vegas is fab for certain things, but can't cope with large, complex projects; DaVinci Resolve is still a work in progress IMO; Avid were one of the first to turn user-hostile, so they can F-off too!

c) Can't run Motion on Win 7; AfterEffects is more powerful without a doubt, but is Adobe (see b above), and is clunky beyond belief, making even simple motion graphics tasks (such as a basic lower-3rd for instance) into a laborious slog. DaVinci Fusion is too convoluted. Not sure what other options exist on Windows.

d) As mentioned, I personally like working in OSX and don't find it in the least bit infuriating - far from it, which goes a long way to explaining why I've been willing to pay the Apple premium/idiot tax in the past. Win 7 may be the least infuriating Windows version, but personally I do still find it infuriating (only not so much as 8, 8.1-is-9 and 10)

But totally agree on one thing: my MacPros are the best machines I've ever owned too, which is why it's so infuriating that Apple appear to be leaving the pro market - the dusty-bin should be called the MacMiniPro, and the new MacbookPro should at best be the MacbookAirPro. Why-oh-why can't they just release a powerful workhorse that runs OSX? Hell, they don't even need to design much - the old MacPro tower is still one of the best designed cases ever (practically and aesthetically... although a bit big too!), so just stick some up-to-date boards and chips in there and release and support it in the OS - Hackintosh enthusiasts manage it, so why not Apple?

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