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BS, simply BS.

Not even Apple fanboy here, mate .... let me get this straight.

1. Apple computers are great for the creative, almost useless for gamers, however, incredibly more secure than RedMondOs.

2. No spyware.

3. Windows cannot handle RAM properly.

4. Windows cannot handle RAM properly. If you need to do something that uses shitloads of RAM, UNIX, any UNIX will do far, far, far ..... [100000000 times far] better than Windows.

5. Apple lost me and mates as a customer when they decided to solder stuff to the motherboard. Brilliant headshot, Cook, keep up the good work and you will be as considered as dumb as Ballmer.

I have a gamer creative type, he bought Alienware laptop, not entry model, a load of shit, nothing but problems .... he had i7 b4, no issues ...

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