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Recurve or Compound?

Other reports I've seen state that a compound bow was used; this is pretty important since a compound bow will shoot a much heavier arrow much faster than a recurve (modern compounds are rated at up to 100+ m/s with a carbon/aluminium arrow) that could easy punch a hole clean through a body. An arrow shot from a recurve bow is unlikely to go through a body unless you only hit soft tissue. I am assuming target arrows in each case; broadheads (if they are legal in Oz) would probably inflict terminal damage from either type of bow.

Actually a compound bow seemsmore likely for another reason. Recurve bows are typically stored unstrung and deconstructed (i.e. the limbs are detached from the riser) while compound bows are kept strung all the time (you cannot unstring them without a specalised jig designed to take the strain off of the string). I tested things this morning when I first heard about this - it took me 30 seconds to get my compound bow (yes I am an archer) out of its transport case and ready to shoot with an arrow nocked (no stablisers on it, and no release aid but it was shootable from the fingers). The same thing for my recurve bow took about 4 minutes.

Mine is the one with the release aid in the pocket.

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