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"The only real solution is, well, planned obsolescence."

yeah we'll have your web-capable self-driving car just STOP WORKING one day. Fun.

Seriously, though, I proposed 2 possible solutions that would actually WORK, both of them involving ssh. Phone applications would be forced to tunnel into your private address space to access IoT devices. Anything with a publically-facing IP could (in theory) ssh tunnel into a 3rd party "connection" service for similar tunneling capability, in case it has a dynamically assigned IP.

maybe I could experiment with this. I got a couple of arduinos, some sensors, and a couple of WiFly shields banging around... set up a very private LAN for those things, etc.. Write a 'droid application to tunnel through and use TCP/IP through the tunnel to access the devices, for proof of concept. Yeah, might work!

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