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"When the initial retail Windows 95 came out it did not connect to the internet* but instead only connected to the original MSN, a private network for Win95 only."

not entirely true. The 'plus pack' had Intarweb Exploiter in it, and I think it was a free download if you subscribed to MSN at that time, which ALSO installed a *real* WINSOCK connection to the intarwebs. I forget the details since I beta tested MSN before '95 was released, as well as '95 itself [and the plus pack - Hover was a pretty cool game] so I snarfed up a really cool MSN login/e-mail name with no suffix numbers [the only reason I keep sending them $4.95 per month, to keep it; that, and the 'emergency' dial-in access for those times that I've needed it].

Ah yes, the days when the number of search engines were few, and many of them were manually edited for appropriate links and content, and Mirsky's "Worst of the Web". And no F'ing JAVASCRIPT.

But seriously, '95 came WITH dial-up internet access if you subscribed to MSN. Out of the box. CompuServe didn't have that for another year or so.

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