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Chris D Rogers

How generous

Having been a Apple Mac Computer user since the early 90s one's appreciation of Apple the Telco has dropped to an all time low - whilst some have tried to blame Brexit for Apple's shocking price increases for its new Macbook Pro - the one that won't work out of the box with its iPhone 7 - the fact remains here in the Far East, as elsewhere, Apple has increased its prices dramatically for the Macbook, but neglected to actually offer any dongles whatsoever - this being customary in many of its products only a few years ago.

For the record, if I'm spending US$2K-3K for a laptop I'd expect a few dongles to enable me to connect it to my USB equipment at least, never mind Firewire800 and Thunderbolt enabled devices, such as the bloody Apple Thunderbolt Monitor that still sports USB2 ports. Suffice to say, won't be wasting my money on a new Macbook, and, and its a big 'if', should they do the same trick with the iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini next year, well I'm over with Apple - as for iPads and iPhone, now use Android devices, most of which are some 50% cheaper than Apple crap.

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