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There is literally only one main-stream company still building them like a tank - Miele.

However, when you look at the cost comparison of a modern machine vs one from the 1980s (most of which were pretty well built), they were simply way more expensive (closer to modern day Miele prices).

That's why a lot of UK and Irish households in the 1970s still had really primitive washing machines in the 1960s-1970s - They were coming in at nearly the price of a small car for an automatic.

If you pick up a washing machine for €299, you can't really expect it to be built out of the same kind of components that its €1299 ancestor was built out of or to be comparable to a modern Miele or comericall-type machines.

What annoys me though is Samsung tend to just whack a fancy display and control panel and a load of polished chrome and bells and whistles onto a pretty cheaply constructed washing machine and sell it for Miele-like prices.

If you're going to spend a grand on a machine, you're better off going for the boring looking German one that's built like a tank than the one that's more or less a Galaxy phone beautifully embedded in a bog standard washing machine.

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