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It has been shown that the maximum useful spin speed is 1200 rpm. Anything over this is just marketing willy waving.

A 1600 spin speed machine today is probably the base model 1000 or 1200 rpm machine with a couple of bits of chromed plastic trim glued on somewhere, a few semi useless extra "programmes" and several more exciting blinkenlites - in blue, of course.

The bottom line is you're spending 200 to 300 extra squid for it to shake more and fall apart faster.

Many years ago we traded down from an old built-like-a-tank 1100 rpm real hoover to a 1200 rpm Hotpoint. Before doing away with the old machine I got a batch of towels, put 'em on rinse and spin at 1100 rpm a couple of times and weighed the result. Repeated the exercise with the new machine at 1200 rpm. The spun towel weight was identical. Drums not measured but obviously very nearly the same size.

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