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While I hate the existing Clunky Windows Update...

While I hate the existing Clunky Windows Update, one thing I have to admit to diehard Microsofties (If I ignore a whole year of Windows 7 borked 'searching for updates' for 12+ hours at a time) it does generally work - eventually (if you know the work arounds).

What is worrying here, is if Microsoft completely screw that up too.

It's bad enough having Win10 Nagware updates that have to be manually avoided for 12 months, popping their heads back up as revisions continuously, and trying a new tact, of coming back as archived 'blobs' as part of a back catalog within the monthly Cumulative updates.

For me, Windows 7 SP1 Update stops once they include those previous Telemetry Updates as part of a monthly cumulative update. Hasn't happened yet, but its due any month now, I'm guessing January 10th 2017.

Why would anyone who works with UK/non US Intellectual Property, let this stuff on their PCs? Microsoft, being a US company, it's just as big a threat as regular malware in terms of stealing IP.

Windows 10 seems to deliberately mark USB Drives as corrupted (the same drive inserted back into Win7 doesn't flag), so that it can scan the drive with Windows Defender and upload 'unknown' files to MS.

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