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Microsoft actually has embedded pockets of StOOpId

(Repost due to direct applicability. Edited.)

Because I've got several laptops, some can be ignored for months.

One Lenovo was last updated 23 May 2016 (about five months ago). Upon trying to update in late-October, it appeared to hang up. After all the usual faffing and trying to invoke corrective action, one advice posted online recommended to just let it run. So I did. It had CPU at an intermittent 25% for THREE DAYS. Then everything went back to normal, and subsequent Updates proceed at the expected speed.

This weirdness also happened the same way for another netbook that had been off since April (six months). DAYS (!!) of solid CPU doing "something" (nobody knows what), then back to normal.

Good thing I have more than one laptop. In both of the above cases I had to shift the suffering laptop to a remote corner of the house, letting it percolate day after day, with me checking up on it several times per day.


I don't believe that Microsoft's best talent works in the Windows Update department. Honestly, anyone with half a brain could invent dozens of improvements in the update algorithms.

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