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> Really? Are *you* saying that *none* of the experiential lessons learned by watching how people behaved in the (Windows dominated) Wild Wild Web informed any of the Linux design decisions taken over the years,

The WWW browser end is now dominated by mobile, and nearly 90% of that is Linux based.

The WWW server market has been dominated by Unix and Linux for many years*.

Sure, the Linux developers watched Microsoft make mistake after mistake, but as they already had their designs in place, without these 'mis-features', there was nothing to actually learn from Microsoft. Linux didn't need to learn from Windows to not execute Javascript or Office macros in email by merely selecting the email, they already knew that was stupid before Windows did it. They already knew that disguising 'tennisknickers.jpeg.exe' in an email as 'tennisknickers.jpeg' and running that program when the user clicked on it was not a good idea.

* Microsoft did raise their share by domains by paying server farms to put all their parked domains on Windows servers. This shows that Windows servers are the first choice for domains that have no content and no visitors.

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