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> Would it be too jejune to point out that Windows was deploying into the heady universe of a new World Wide Web a-borning*,

That is just bullshit. Microsoft was late getting into the Internet. The first edition of 'The Road Ahead' made no mention of the internet. When the initial retail Windows 95 came out it did not connect to the internet* but instead only connected to the original MSN, a private network for Win95 only. At that time OS/2 and Unix were far ahead in _running_ the WWW.

> and that Linux has had the advantage of walking behind and seeing where the biggest landmines were?

Linux didn't do stuff (or not do it) because Windows showed it was wrong, it did so because it was the right way to do things. Windows was making 'convenience' features for the lowest level of users while not even considering security or safety while Linux was following the Unix lead with a proven track record (with a small number of exceptions).

There are many more examples of poor design and/or implementation in Windows: eg on booting, the network started before the firewall was activated giving a (small) window where it was vulnerable. That was because the firewall was an afterthought and was later patched onto the system instead of being designed in.

* There was a plus pack that catered for this. OEMs often added 3rd party software that would connect.

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