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I don't think that's how Snaps work. If I read correctly with these coke-bottle glasses of mine, then the application devs are responsible for maintaining their product's Snap. For example, Firefox will maintain the Snap for it's software:

"'We strive to offer users a great experience and make Firefox available across many platforms, devices and operating systems. With the introduction of snaps, continually optimizing Firefox will become possible, providing Linux users the most up-to-date features,' said Nick Nguyen, Vice President of Product, Firefox at Mozilla." (Linky)

The question is not whether Canonical will be a proper gatekeeper, but rather will the devs responsible for your IoT router issue new Snaps in a timely manner? I would decline to hold my breath on that. Given current vendor dysfunction, a router may indeed become a "rooter" in the Australian sense -- with or without Snaps.

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