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NOT the solution for internet of infected things

Snaps is basically the same as static linking or Windows manifest. You have lots of copies of the same code floating about. If a lib in that soup has a vulnerability, you must fix all the snaps/apps. IoT devices just don't have the space for such a wasteful system.

The only true solution is for IoT to have auto discoverable standardized hardware, like PCs do, and to be unlocked so peoples/companies other than the neglectful vendor can update it. Think OpenWRT, but without a different binary release for each supported device. But OpenToaster, OpenWashing, OpenCooker, etc etc, with different projects, and even closed IoT OSs people can have if they want.

These things are general purpose computers on the internet and as such they must be properly updated, but they are also small, so how they are updated can't be wasteful. Plus snaps wouldn't solve the kernel/platform/BSP problem.

As a rule, hardware vendors are crap at software. They like to thing their software is cheap differentiation, but in reality no one wants their crap bloatware. What hardware should do is just hardware. They make a hardware to a standard, and then software competes on top of that hardware competition.

At the moment vendors make IoT devices out of a mix or open/close, old/new, then release and forget. Each a unique snowflake no one can update, sometimes including the vendor themselves.

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