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"True, but Windows has been exploitable _by_design_"

Although ... it is interesting to note that the people who designed windows NT were mostly luminaries from previous OS projects much lauded in these hallowed halls.

"Many have been closed, or at least give warnings, but Linux made far fewer mistakes of these types."

Would it be too jejune to point out that Windows was deploying into the heady universe of a new World Wide Web a-borning*, and that Linux has had the advantage of walking behind and seeing where the biggest landmines were?

* Indeed, was a big part of wedding computers to the idea of the never finished software requiring a persistent internet connection from the get-go. I only got my first AOL account so I could download the drivers that would make third party software do what it promised on the side of the box I bought it in, a sad process that has bloomed into a Standard Business Model.

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